Yes, the price lists are the same for Turkish and foreign buyers, and you can be confident that all conditions in all projects that we market are the same for all investors, regardless of their nationality.

Istanbul shines with its ideal location, which gives it the title of "City of Two Continents", as it is the only city in the world, whose lands lie between two continents, Asia and Europe. The largest in the world.

Acquisition of a property under construction within a reconstruction area with a well-known construction company

The husband/wife also obtains Turkish citizenship, in addition to the children under the age of 18

First: Marriage to a Turkish citizen, after a period of no less than three years has passed since the marriage was confirmed Second: Owning real estate with a value of not less than 400 thousand dollars with a pledge not to sell the property for a period of no less than 3 years Third: A bank deposit of no less than 500 thousand dollars with a pledge not to withdraw it for a period of 3 years Fourth: Establishing an industrial or commercial business with the employment of 50 Turkish citizens Fifth: Establishment of work after 5 consecutive years of renewal Sixth: By means of Turkish assets.